Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Markethive - The social platform for Internet Marketing Entrepreneurs

After 2 years and 500.000 dollars founding , MarketHive is about to open the doors to the public.
Simple and very intuitive social system , skin and functions similar to FB , possibility to create groups , which interact dynamically with a very advanced blogging system .
The campaign manager is a state of the art feature , extremely customizable , give the option to create co-op advertising campaigns , rotate urls , distributing leads according to the settings .
The capture pages System is a very advanced component of the platform , fully integrated with the social network , the asset maps and the lead management , giving the full control on leads distribution , statistics and reports.
MarketHive was built with the online entrepreneur in mind , its integrated very powerful content sharing and rss features is giving a great advantage in terms of SEO .
The entire platform will be free to use , will get revenues through internal advertising , limited number of early birds will reserve an Alpha Founder position with a lot of benefits and lifetime revenues .

Markethive is about to be launched.
Do not miss this opportunity to be part of the biggest event to occur in regards to Internet Marketing.
This is a 2 year project funded by $500,000 of investment capital and built from over 20 years experience by the founders of Automated Marketing and state of the art engineering .
We are about to give away the most powerful Social Network and  Inbound Marketing system ever built on the Internet!
We have a number of Alpha Founder positions available for Entrepreneurs and Investors , ask for details below

Ask For details here

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